A Series Solenoid Valve - General Purpose Solenoid Valves

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A-Series General Purpose Solenoid Valve

The A Series solenoid valve gives you a highly adaptable design for practically all applications requiring flow between CV 0.019 and 0.300.  This robust 2- or 3-way miniature solenoid utilizes a stainless steel body to resist corrosion for most acids, alkaline solutions, and harsh environments.  Also available in plastic -- from polypropylene to Delrin®-- when specific inert or demanding requirements are needed.  Available in numerous port configurations, orifice sizes, and material combinations, the A series is a highly flexible valve that fulfills the requirements for most applications.


Stainless Steel Body 

  • Medical Equipment 
  • Laboratory Equipment 
  • Food Processing Equipment 

Brass Body 

  • Industrial Applications 
  • Automotive  
  • Water Transfer Systems

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